Are you happy with the performance of your copiers and printers? Proactive maintenance performed regularly by our copier and printer certified technicians is the preferred method for catching small issues before they can cause damage to your equipment. Preventative maintenance appointments help technicians locate and address problems as soon as possible. Here’s why you’ll want to prioritize maintenance for your equipment.

1. Reduce equipment downtime.

Downtime is expensive, and not just in terms of repair costs. When your copier and printer aren’t working, your employees may not be able to complete their tasks. Even your customer service performance can be negatively impacted by equipment downtime. Proactive maintenance checkups by certified technicians can reduce downtimes and keep your core projects moving forward.

2. Update software.

Your office copier and printer are sophisticated technologies with complex operating systems. During routine maintenance calls, our certified technicians can check for software updates and patches to keep your equipment secure and functioning as it should. Hackers are on the lookout for missed updates and security vulnerabilities that can allow them into your network.

3. Improve device performance.

Are your copies as crisp as they used to be? Are your office copier and printer performing to your satisfaction and the manufacturer’s specifications? Without regular maintenance, small changes can occur, and before you realize what’s happening, you aren’t receiving the full value from your equipment. To get the highest possible return on your investment, make time for regularly-scheduled maintenance by certified technicians.

4. Plan for replacement.

Do you know how soon you’ll need to replace your copier and printer? Our certified technicians are industry trained to understand the inner-workings of your equipment. They’ll let you know when it’s time to start thinking about an upgrade.

Partnering with a reputable equipment and service provider means you’ll get years of reliable service from your copier and printer. Contact the certified technicians at Copy Link for assistance today!