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Interactive Whiteboards San Diego

In addition to printing and scanning equipment, Copy Link offers the most innovative Interactive Display Systems available. The Sharp Interactive Aquos Board Systems have revolutionized communication and collaboration in corporate and educational environments. Presentations can now be viewed locally or remotely through wireless connections to a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Users are now able to actively participate and interact during presentations, bringing the collaboration process to a whole new level.

Interactive Presentation Boards are ideal for:

  • Office meetings
  • Presentations
  • Group projects
  • Training classes
  • Education

How Interactive Presentation Boards Work

Interactive Presentation Systems are designed for smooth and effortless communication in a wide range of contexts. The onboard computer allows a seamless wireless connection to almost any device and can also accommodate presentations in a variety of formats such as PowerPoint, PDF or Video. The touch screen combined with powerful touch pen software allows drawing, writing and annotating directly on a presentation screen or on a standard whiteboard screen. Files can be saved electronically in a variety of formats or printed directly to a remote device.

Benefits of Interactive Presentation Boards

Interactive Presentation Boards can help make your office meetings and presentations more engaging. Instead of just following along passively to information on a sheet of paper, using an Interactive Presentation Board animates that information and encourages others to participate. Interactive Presentation Boards can also save you from wasting paper. Any notes that you might want to keep from a meeting can be saved and printed later.


To learn more about the Interactive Presentation Boards available at Copy Link, contact us.