Presentation displays have come a long way over the course of a career. First there were chalkboards, then whiteboard and markers.

There have been various presentation software programs trying to make meetings more engaging and new ways to bring information to your teams. But still, collaboration, brainstorming, and involved audiences were difficult to master without the right tools.

Finally, we have the Aquos Whiteboard, which is an innovative, interactive display system that takes all communications up a notch. This items has piqued the interest of business managers, educators, and officials who need better ways to communicate.

What is an Aquos Whiteboard?

An Aquos Whiteboard brings the internet, video, Microsoft Office, and other systems together to motivate teams and encourage collaboration. The boards work in conjunction with smartphones, laptops, and tablets to view the same content.

Sharp’s board models are considered the leading communications tool for information in businesses, schools, and agencies.

Multiple people can draw on the board at once, and scanned documents and color images can be part of the presentation at a moment’s notice.

Take a look at what we found by researching the Aquos Whiteboard and how it can make any meeting more engaging, productive, and purposeful for everyone involved.

Research Says:

  • Interactive displays, including handwriting recognition that converts handwriting to typed font.
  • Easy use without any residue and clean, simple erasures, quick sending power, and simple save commands.
  • Visual displays with images you can manipulate for emphasis, draw on, or highlight.
  • Brainstorming features that bring in information from all connected devices.
  • Engaged audiences at meetings means more productivity for your teams.

Get Your Aquos

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