How can you find out if a Managed Print Services engagement is a good fit for your company? On its surface, managing your company’s fleet of copiers and printers doesn’t seem all that complicated, but there’s more to the equation than maintaining equipment and ordering a few supplies.

To find out if your company would realize tangible benefits from Managed Print Services, take a few moments to consider the following questions.

1. How are you currently managing your print environment?

Even with no defined strategy in place, your equipment must be managed in some form. In some companies, individual departments assign someone to handle device and supply procurement. IT departments are typically the go-to resource for everything from error codes to paper jams. These undefined print management strategies can cost organizations anywhere from 1% to 10% of annual revenues—a cost many don’t even realize they’ve been absorbing.

Managed Print Services providers can take over management of your print environment, giving your staff time to focus on more critical tasks.

2. How much do you spend for printing?

Assessing print costs is a process that goes beyond equipment and supplies. Hidden costs and inefficiencies must be factored into the equation, and Managed Print Services assessments often uncover costs much higher than expected.

After a thorough assessment of your print-related expenses, Managed Print Services teams provide solutions to reduce inefficiencies, save money on supplies and equipment, and reduce costs associated with wasteful printing choices. After successful implementation, it’s not unusual for organizations to reduce print-related spending by as much as 30%.

A Managed Print Services Assessment is a valuable tool savvy business leaders use to slash operating costs and add value to their company. For real solutions to your print management problems, get in touch with the expert team at Copy Link today!