Office security is top of mind for everyone. Protecting data, employee and client information, and business details is more important than ever before because one breach can be impactful enough to potentially put you out of business.

How to start fixing your office security? Focus on the most do-able aspect of security – print security to get started, and then work with your office operations team and network experts to chip away at revamping all security areas.

Start Today

Let’s get started with print security today. Here are two easy ways to get going.

1. Implement Print Security Options

Print security options are easy to find, implement, and track. Here are a few of the most popular options:

  • Password protected print
  • Badge printing
  • Data encryption
  • Hard drive clean up

These security features may already be installed in your Sharp multifunction printer. If not, it may be time to consider an upgraded machine. Printer security is not something you want to ignore, and updated printers include the above features and more to meet the needs of businesses. It’s worth looking into a new machine if implementing print security isn’t possible with your current system.

2. Partner with Security Experts

To ask about what print security or other office security features you might need, talk to experts in security features of all kinds. Having a professional partner in the field that has worked with multiple businesses to coordinate protection is the best way to make sure your business is secured against any threat.

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Both steps are easy when you work with a pleasant team of office equipment, solution, and security experts. Let’s work together – get in touch today.