If you are baffled by what the next problem could be with your copier or printer, you dread printing anything because it doesn’t work, and your employees constantly grumble about office devices, it’s pretty obvious – you need to consider an upgrade.

However, it’s difficult because you made an investment in your machine at one time, and now you’ve invested in service.

Three Ways You Know

Here’s how you know that it’s definitely time to contact your copier and printer certified technicians and start discussing an upgrade to a new machine.

  • Repairs aren’t working
  • You know your copier and printer certified technicians by name – not in a good way
  • Productivity is down

Think about those for a minute…have you repeatedly tried small troubleshooting fixes that aren’t working? Do you see your service people multiple times a week? Are your employees giving up on presenting organized handouts because the printer is always down? Time to make your business fully functional again!

How a Trained Team Can Help

Researching a new device with your copier and printer certified technicians can ensure that you get the features you need at a price point that works for you. Also, the techs will understand how you use a device, which is a key element in selecting the correct upgrade.

Give your employees a boost toward more productivity with devices that are always working, and a certified service team that is there when you need them, and can make proactive steps to keeping your office equipment running smoothly.

Get in Touch with the Pros

Copylink has a team of copier and printer certified technicians that are trained and ready to walk you through the next steps of your office equipment needs. Contact Copylink for more.