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3 Ways to Know it's Time to Upgrade Your Printer

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It's easy to overlook office equipment when you evaluate everything that needs to be kept up and upgraded. But - don't make the mistake of letting your devices age out. When you have equipment that is too old, it becomes more costly and less efficient.

Also, additional features can boost your business as you grow. Keep an eye on new print updates that can give you time and money back. Read on to recognize three key ways it's probably time to consider an upgrade.

Two Simple Steps to Improve Office Security

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Office security is top of mind for everyone. Protecting data, employee and client information, and business details is more important than ever before because one breach can be impactful enough to potentially put you out of business.

How to start fixing your office security? Focus on the most do-able aspect of security - print security to get started, and then work with your office operations team and network experts to chip away at revamping all security areas.

Make Your Office Mobile

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While companies everywhere are embracing new technology, new devices, and mobile and bring your own device concepts, not everyone is on board yet. Are you one of the companies waiting to weigh the benefits? If so, read on to see why everyone is going mobile - in all the ways.

2 Reasons Your Sharp Multifunction Printer is Critical for Business

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Today's successful businesses are adapting to the times quickly, which means advancing technology and changing workflows to match how employees and clients operate.

While we've seen many devices disappear over the years, some have become more critical, like the Sharp multifunction printer.

4 Key Mobile Print Benefits for Law Firms

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In your firm, you may often find yourself running to the printer last minute, or going back and forth between your printer and your desk. Or, you might be sitting in a conference with a client and wish you had something printed in hard copy. Running between cases or from the courtroom, wishing you could print documents on the run?

Don’t overlook mobile print. We can’t emphasize enough how this seemingly small add on can really make a difference in your law firm and streamlining the way lawyers work today.

How a Sharp Multifunction Printer is a Security Asset

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When you think of security, do you still think of your computer password or a file cabinet with a lock and key? It might be time to update this vision of security protections!

One of the most efficient yet overlooked security devices is your multifunction printer. It's always surprising to business owners to discover that over 40% of employees have left a confidential document on the printer or out in the office near the printer before. In addition, printers can retain more data than you might imagine.

6 Top Reasons to Use a Sharp Multifunction Printer

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Remember when offices didn't have computers? Okay, that was a while ago, but many of us remember when offices had fax machines, printers, computers, and personal copiers and printers.

While it may not seem as long ago, efficiency for office productions has made leaps and bounds toward more productive workplaces since then. Time to get on board!

A multifunction printer is an ideal way to move beyond an office plagued by wandering between machines and traveling back and forth to scan or print.

Mobile Printing is Possible with Your Sharp Multifunction Printer

Printing from Mobile Device

Today's workforce is on-the-go. Studies show that 90% of American workers with full-time roles use their smartphone for work. This can mean anything from drafting an email to making calls or following up with clients.

There is more you can do with your mobile device, and you can set your whole office up for success with other options. One of the most helpful yet still newer options is mobile printing, which is available from most office devices, especially your Sharp multifunction printer.

Get the Most from Your Sharp Multifunction Printer

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Your multifunction printer (MFP) can print, copy, scan, email,and fax. Okay, you know this. But do you know what else it can do?

If you've invested in a high quality, advanced machine, you want to use everything it has to offer. Don't get stuck just operating on the base level - with a few quick clicks and trials, you can expand the use of your device and get more for your money.

How Your Sharp Multifunction Printer Does More

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Most office workers today remember the days of black and white copying and faxing. It seemed high tech then, but we had no idea what was coming!

Now, your multifunction printer can do more than you might even know.

With that in mind, we listed off a few fantastic benefits of today's multifunction printers just in case you didn't know what your machine was capable of, or, if you still have an ancient device, it's probably time to upgrade!