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Repair Services: What to Look For in Copier and Printer Partners

printer certified technicians

When it comes to repair services, you want someone who cares about your copiers and printers just as much as you do. Here are a few things to look for when making a significant choice!

Copiers and Printers: DIY Solutions to Common Problems

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Copiers and printers are important parts of your business and your workflow, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're always on your side. If your machines are giving you trouble, check out this list of DIY solutions to get them back in line!

Stop Printers and Copiers from Sabotaging Energy Bills!

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Are the energy bills for your printers and copiers just too high? Do you want to find fast, simple solutions that won't interrupt your business's productivity? Here are all the answers you've been looking for!

Printer and Copier Tips: Buy or Lease?

buy or lease

When it comes to copiers and printers, you want to be sure you're making the best decisions--but there are so many decisions to make. Luckily, one decision--buy or lease--can be made easier by asking yourself a few simple questions.

Printer and Copier Tips: Easy Ways to Go Green

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Earth Day may be behind us, but that's no reason to stop "going green." In fact, there are plenty of fast, easy ways to minimize your environmental impact today--all by putting your printers and copiers to work for you!

Choose Certified Technicians for Greater Office Sustainability

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The modern office needs to out in the effort to be more green in order to create a more sustainable business. Not only do the employees want that from an employer, but your customers will appreciate that from a company that they do business with.

Selecting the Best Copier for Your Business

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Finding the best copier for your business is a key part in both establishing your business and upgrading your machine. Any size business will need a copier and getting the right device that meets the needs of your print/copy environment, capacity, productivity, and project requirements is important.

Important Print Maintenance Priorities

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Print maintenance is an essential business function, and it's not something to skimp on. Keeping up with changes, updates, new features, and upgrades can really make or break your office equipment by making it ready to go when you need it.

Where to start with print maintenance priorities? Here are a few aspects to consider as you establish a solid foundation for service.

Can I Recycle my Printer?

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Your copier or printer is outdated and ready to be done. Can you recycle it, you're wondering? It seems like a big deal to just get rid of a large machine.

The short answer is yes - but not without security caution. Your copier or printer includes a hard drive with all of the information that you have been processing through the machine. While this is surprising to many people, pay attention - even if you are reading this and don't need to get rid of your copier, you should still regularly wipe your hard drive for sensitive data.

3 Things Smart Managers Look for Before Buying a Printer

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Printers and copiers are an essential part of your business operations, so you wouldn't just buy one from anyone. If you're going to make a big investment, you would research what you're getting, what you need, how it's supported, and who you're buying from.

When buying a printer or copier, it's important to match the machine to your business and needs, since it can impact your workflow and operations.