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Start With Why

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In his groud breaking book, Start With Why, Simon Sinek challenges us to look at our business, not just through the eyes of "what we do," but through the lens of "why we do it."  Copy Link has been built around this philosophy. When you experience our team you'll find people that understand that we provide technology to empower our clients. As a result, we play an integral role in helping our corporate, education, government and non-profit clients fulfill their missions. That's exciting!

What We Do

When you look at our business through the eyes of what we do, you see a company committed to delivering technology backed with professional support. From essential office technoligies like multifunction systems, printers, scanners and digital whiteboards to cost saving managed print services programs fully-integrated document management solutions, Copy Link brings you the infrastructure you need to run your business.

Why We Do It

While we do some amazing things with the latest technologies, the reasons we do it are much more inspiring. We do more than make copies:

Why are you in business? How can we help you achieve your goals? To learn more contact us today for a confidential consultation.