Communication is the core of business. Everything we learn, share, and explain is built like a tower upon the basis of strong and effective communication. In today’s world, we can text, email, call, and instant message, as well as fax and use pigeon messengers like we did in the “old days” in order to efficiently correspond with team members and customers alike. But despite the prowess of modern communication, the method we still rely on most heavily is printing. We print out our notes. We print out documents to be signed. We print important information and distribute it across teams, groups, and the entire company. Printing is a huge part of communication, and communication is a big part of business–so how can you make sure that your printers are working for you instead of against you?

Manage Your Printers

Managing the way you organize, use, and fund your printer fleet is a great way to ensure that the communication within your company has a strong and effective basis. To do this, you’ll need a Print Management Strategy. This unique strategy grows around you and your needs, taking into account everything from current workflow to goals to values and ideals, and eventually provides you with a flawless framework around which to structure your printer fleet. For example, by carefully choosing what needs to be printed, you can save money on paper, ink, and energy, all while increasing efficiency and boosting workflow. A Print Management Strategy protects your communication, your budget, your productivity, and the environment.

A Print Management Strategy

So, what does a Print Management Strategy look like? Let our San Diego Small Business experts explain the ins and outs of a personalized print strategy!

  • Out with the new. The saying goes “out with the old, in with the new,” but when it comes to a Print Management Strategy, it’s actually best to avoid the new. In truth, buying new hardware, software, and printing equipment is generally unnecessary–chances are you have just what you need (and maybe more).
  • Evaluate. When creating a Print Management Strategy, the most important thing to do is constantly evaluate where you are now. What is working, and what isn’t? Are your printers working with you or against you? What is the total cost of ownership across your printer fleet?
  • Streamline. A Print Management Strategy demands that you streamline your printer fleet in order to boost productivity and minimize costs and wasted time. Organize your printers such that management is provided for by your strategy rather than an individual or a group of employees. Use what you discovered in your evaluation to ensure that you purchase the exact amount of supplies.
  • A helping hand. Creating a good Print Management strategy often requires a little bit of insight and a helping hand from the experts. With answers, experience, and enthusiasm, our experts can help you accomplish all of these goals and more on the road to formulating a strong and efficient Print Management Strategy.

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