We don’t live in a PowerPoint world anymore. While still an excellent tool for some meetings, today’s office, classroom, and brainstorming session require more dynamic, interactive visuals.

What is a professional display?

Media displays range from digital signs to an Aquos whiteboard – an interactive board used in education and offices everywhere.

Instead of static information and hard copies, professional displays add engaging highlights and moving data to keep audiences involved.

Professional display features:

Features of a digital display include the ability to show collaborative designs, contribute information for the group immediately, and write/draw creatively in the space.

Digital signs are moving, active marketing tools that get customers’ attention and share all company brand messages in a contemporary, impactful style.

Features of professional displays and Aquos whiteboards include:

  • Interactive Tools
  • Stretch Displays
  • Video Wall
  • Action Oriented
  • Collaboration Applications

Get Set Up

Professional displays are a good investment that can increase engagement and efficiency in any industry. At Copy Link, we can answer all your questions about starting out with a professional display.

Our experts can streamline installation and integration and make the next step for your business – better presentations and meetings – a breeze.