When was the last time you really thought about a printer? For most of us, printers act as nothing more than tools–powerful pieces of technology too often known as difficult instead of as instruments of efficiency and productivity. We don’t think about them any farther than fixing paper-jams or trying to organize print schedules. Why is this? Maybe it’s simply a matter of having the wrong printer. There are a lot of options out there, and if you don’t have the right machine for your needs, any piece of technology can go from “tool” to “trouble” in three seconds flat. That’s why finding the right printer is so crucial, and deciding between a network printer and a multifunction printer is the first step.

Printer Options

In today’s world, technology can do just about everything. Printers are no exception. Modern printers are faster, sturdier, and more environmentally-friendly than their predecessors, and they come in a variety of makes and models to meet every need. The only problem is finding the right combination of features that will fit seamlessly into your workflow, your company, and your budget. The first thing to do is consider your business itself: what do you really need? Which printer features would help increase productivity, and which would just cause confusion and complications? Once you’ve analyzed your needs, it’s much easier to find the printer that will help you instead of hurt you.

Multifunction Printers and Network Printers

Two of the most popular types of printers are multifunction printers, MFPs, and network printers. Each has its own benefits, and each fits into a specific workflow. Here’s a quick look!

  • MFP: The multifunction printers available today are powerful, efficient, and, of course, masters of multitasking. With an MFP, you can do the work of four machines–printer, copier, fax machine, and scanner–with only one device. The combinations are extensive, the features can be customized to meet your needs, and the cost of ownership is friendly to your budget–but look out for user conflict.
  • Network printer: When user conflict becomes a regular occurrence in your workplace–multiple people scrambling to use the same device–you might need to look into a network printer. Network printers don’t have as many features as multifunction printers, but, as the name suggests, network printers can connect to your network, allowing for less user conflict. Many of these machines are just as powerful as their MFP brothers, if not quite as handy for multitasking.
  • Software: Before you choose between an MFP and a network printer, be sure to look into all of the software options. A printer that doesn’t seem to fit your needs may very well be the perfect device with a little bit of help from available software. Different makes and models have different options, so be sure to do your research!

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