Today’s workforce is on-the-go. Studies show that 90% of American workers with full-time roles use their smartphone for work. This can mean anything from drafting an email to making calls or following up with clients.

There is more you can do with your mobile device, and you can set your whole office up for success with other options. One of the most helpful yet still newer options is mobile printing, which is available from most office devices, especially your Sharp multifunction printer.

Mobile Printing for Today’s Workforce

Mobile printing means that employees can use an app or network connection to print from anywhere. How many times have you had multiple meetings in a row and you couldn’t prep the materials that you needed? Mobile print solves that issue and many more.


The upside of mobile printing is easy – it’s convenient. But if you’re looking for more detail, we’ve got you covered.

Mobile printing can:

  • Streamline operations for employees who work in the field and pop in to print a few documents
  • Make your business more professional by allowing employees to quickly and easily prepare materials from any device
  • Increase productivity by reducing traffic time between desks and devices
  • Improve functionality for off-site employees by eliminating printing issues
  • Save your office money through increased productivity and more effective meetings and employees

Sharp Multifunction Printer Pairs with Technology

Many printers can work with mobile print applications, but the most reliable is your Sharp multifunction printer. To move forward in today’s office environment, it’s time to get mobile printing and the best printers to pair with.

Invest in your business

Combine mobile printing with your Sharp multifunction printer to give your office the best in today’s tech world.

For off-site, on-the-go workers, mobile printing is the answer they need. Help them improve in productivity and performance – talk to the folks at Copy Link today to advance your office.