We know that the only constant is change–but sometimes, that change can be hard to see. Strolling down the sidewalk in late October, we might see the fierce glow of orange and red leaves, and we might feel the chill in the air, but it’s only once autumn is over that we can truly see the true depth of the changes that took place over the season. Similarly, we might live for years with children and never notice just how much they’re growing until they ask for the car keys. For some reason, we’re best at seeing change only once it’s over. However, in the business world, it’s important that we identify changes while they’re happening–and one change begging to be seen is the way technology is altering the business world.

Business and Technology

Multifunction printers, mobile phones, wireless connections–tech is rapidly changing everything we know about business. Take, for example, the information we have about printing. For years, we’ve been learning the ins and outs of efficient printing–but now, in a world dominated by on-the-go workers and fast-paced opportunity, we have to redefine our printing techniques. That’s where mobile printing comes in. Mobile printing takes all the information we’re constantly accessing and using and allows us to print it–from anywhere. Personal hotspots, free Wi-Fi locations, and corporate networks are all part of the mobile printing revolution, as are mobile devices, document management systems, and company-wide print solutions. However, there’s one question that remains: security.

Mobile Print Security

Our San Diego Small Business experts know how valuable security is. Here are a few tips on security with mobile printing!

  • Policies. One of the biggest security threats to companies using mobile printing is actually internal. Confusion about policies, device compatibility, and network use can lead to security breaches and loss of sensitive data. It’s important to communicate the ideas and rules behind mobile printing as soon as possible, and keep employees updated on any changes that occur.
  • Software. We all know it’s true: some software is just better. When it comes to mobile printing, there are a lot of software options out there; it’s crucial to do your research and, once you’ve chosen specific software, ensure that everyone is using it. This can help minimize the security issues caused by unofficial or unsafe software.
  • Devices. As with anything, mobile printing’s numerous benefits come with a few extra considerations. One such consideration is the issue of mobile devices. Deciding which mobile devices to use with mobile print software, and then integrating these devices successfully, can take time, patience, and hard work. Because of this, it’s important to have a plan of action–knowing your goals ahead of time will help minimize device-related security issues.

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