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Multifunction Printers in San Diego, CA

Multifunction printers are ideal office equipment for every office. By combining the process of printing, scanning, copying, emailing and faxing, multifunction printers are an all-in-one tool that provides services for your entire company. In San Diego, CA, Copy Link is an authorized dealer of Sharp, the leader in producing multifunction printer. Multifunction printers, or MFPs, are a piece of equipment that can streamline many processes of your office. Their efficiency and ease of use ensure they become heavily relied upon by each member of your company.

MFPs take up less floor space in your facility. They can also cut down on the amount of time it takes to produce a document or report. MFPs decrease the number of materials you need and completely eliminate many. An MFP can also allow you to deliver content to people who need it faster. In short, a multifunction printer can make your business in San Diego run more effectively with less cost. That is a significant win for any company.


At Copy Link, we carry a wide assortment of multifunction printers. Essential printing functions are a standard feature. However, our models are the newest technology available. You can print thousands of high-quality pages daily. With an MFP, you have the capability to connect several models together to create a platform. MFPs can also connect to any office network through Ethernet or WI-FI, providing them the means of cross-communication. This capability enables documents to be transmitted from multiple computers. You can also connect to your tablets and smartphones.


Multifunction printers are the perfect scanner for your office. Their scanning capabilities enable you to upload clear, high-resolution images to your computer, tablet, and smartphone. Physical paper documents scanned by an MFP can also be stored electronically, cutting down on storage space your company is wasting.


Copying documents in your office is easy with a multifunction printer. The models that Copy Link carries easily stand up to making thousands of copies a day. They accomplish this task quickly without losing any fine details or imaging. Utilizing this function with an MFP makes making prints easy.

Email & Faxing

Multifunction printers can now send and receive electronic communications via fax and email. From reports and documents to photos and images, our inventory all includes this functionality. The option to email and fax allows you to transmit data to coworkers easily and through trackable avenues. This feature ensures timely delivery to all the information.

Find your New Multifunction Printer Today.

Every company in the San Diego area could benefit from at least one MFP. Our high-quality inventory ensures that no matter what options you are looking for, we have what you are looking for. To learn more, we invite you to call 619-424-8000. Multifunction printers are that useful all-in-one piece of office equipment that will make your work life more manageable.

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