Managed print services are all about finding efficient, reliable ways to improve your day-to-day business life. Believe it or not, printers are a big part of that. When you can rest easy knowing that your printers are safe and sound, you’re able to focus on more important things. Let’s find out how to make that happen!

Simple Security

Security sounds like something that should stress you out, but it doesn’t have to be–not if you come prepared, that is. The truth is that printers are often the first thing targeted by hackers, which means that your printer fleet is a smart place to start boosting security.

How do you do that without interrupting workflows, cutting corners, or spending too much money? Well, that’s where managed print services comes in. By analyzing your entire print environment, identifying weak spots and bad habits, and suggesting targeted solutions to help you address specific problems, managed print enables you to improve security while also boosting efficiency and saving money.

Sound too good to be true? Here are just a few ways that managed print services can help you protect your printers!

  • #1: Picture Login

This one’s pretty simple–mostly because it will be a familiar concept for your employees. All they will have to do is select an icon tied to their account on the printer and then enter their password. It’s fast, easy, and pain-free!

  • #2: Username Login

Another great way to protect printers is to put usernames in place. Employees will create accounts using their emails, select a username and password, and use both of these when they want to access the printer.

  • #3: Card Login

This solution is exactly what it sounds like! You install a card-reader (which can be done easily with help from a technician) and give each employee a card tied to their account. When they need to print, they scan their card–and that’s it!

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