Cutting costs and finding efficiencies often has negative connotations in the workplace. You don’t want to go the challenging route and reduce wages, trim positions, or impact quality control.

Luckily, there are surprisingly easy ways to lower expenses without impacting employee morale. Based on savings, we recommend considering managed print services first.

What is managed print?

Managed print services essentially take the work and exorbitant costs out of printing. Managed print covers support, ordering, network assistance, and optimizes operations, so your employees don’t waste time fixing print problems.

Streamlining print management saves money by reducing wasted employee time, increasing equipment functionality, and keeping people focused on the task at hand.

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Printing can consume an average of 3% of a company’s budget. When things are getting shaky, many businesses will ask for a 3% cut across the board – imagine if you could make that without losing anything.


Employees unknowingly waste paper, toner, and time with excessive printing and troubleshooting issues. Keep this time focused on work projects, and you’ll see a more efficient, productive office environment immediately.


Also, 90% of business owners (according to Gartner Group) don’t even know what their printing costs are. Just having that information can make a big difference – and managed print completes those audits for you.

Then, your printing costs can meet the budget every month based on how you set them. No surprises – just consistent print costs that won’t break the bank.

Managed Print at Copy Link

The best services are focused entirely on your business and will help substantially reduce print costs.

Copy Link offers comprehensive managed print services with attention to detail and specific features for your business. We can make the service work for you – get in touch today.