While companies everywhere are embracing new technology, new devices, and mobile and bring your own device concepts, not everyone is on board yet. Are you one of the companies waiting to weigh the benefits? If so, read on to see why everyone is going mobile – in all the ways.

First of all, when employees are using their own devices, they may need a secure connection to the network, or they may only need specific functions. Also, personal devices work for a variety of reasons, most notably that it can save almost 90 minutes of work time per week while contributing to employee happiness and engagement.

With a significant portion of IT managers on board with the concept, maybe considering a key advantage of personal devices will help, which is connecting mobile devices to network printers so you can print from anywhere.

Match Your Multifunction Printer to Mobile Print

If you have an updated Sharp multifunction printer in your office, starting with mobile print will be easier than ever. If not, take a look at the advanced technologies offered through all Sharp devices and consider if this is the time to invest in an upgrade for your employees and your company.

With that step taken care of, you’re ready to work on your mobile office.

How Mobile Print Works

Mobile print is easy. Any mobile device can be connected to the printer – as long as they are on the network – and then you can print items from anywhere.

If you are just running from meeting to meeting, you can still print. If you’re off-site but on network at another company location, you can still print when you arrive. No worries, and no hassle – just printing the items you need on demand.

Access Anywhere Starts Here

With CopyLink, you can research your updated Sharp multifunction printer that will carry your business into the future with features like mobile print. Ready to move forward? Contact CopyLink today.