If copier and printer downtime is a regular occurrence in your office, maybe the problem doesn’t originate with your equipment, but with your equipment provider.

Read on to find out how important copier and printer certified technicians are to your business processes, and how to go about finding them.

Why Service is Paramount

It won’t matter how much you paid for your copier and printer if there’s no support to keep them operational. To make sure equipment downtime doesn’t bring your projects to a standstill, look for these service and support guarantees from your equipment provider.

1. Fast response times.

An equipment provider that’s spread too thin or makes vague promises about response times won’t be there when you need them. Look for an equipment partner that can get copier and printer certified technicians to your location in four hours or less.

2. Loaner devices.

Unresolved issues can leave your team sitting around with nothing to do. Look for an equipment provider who recognizes that your success may hinge on the performance of your devices. Find another service partner if yours isn’t willing to provide a loaner machine while they work on an issue.

3. Responsive support.

Equipment that doesn’t mesh with your workflows and network won’t perform as expected. Look for a technology partner willing to train your staff and configure your equipment to work well with your unique requirements.

4. Parts and supplies.

You don’t have time to wait for parts and supplies. Look for a partner with a well-stocked warehouse so you won’t be left waiting around for service.

5. Industry-trained technicians.

Copier and printer certified technicians understand how your equipment works. They’re familiar with the way the parts interact and know how to keep your devices performing at their best.

At Copy Link, our copier and printer certified technicians are trained to address your needs as thoroughly and quickly as possible. Contact us to learn more today!