Healthcare is a field that has started to fall behind in some technological advances – like office equipment and administrative updates – where it could really leverage new developments.

If your healthcare practice still does anything like you did in the 1980s, it’s time to reevaluate. Is there a better way? Probably.

From all office automation to digitizing organization and papers to managing HIPAA compliance to patient information, there’s a healthcare technology update for your front office that will make a huge difference in your office management.

Automated Whiteboards in Healthcare

For example, the Aquos whiteboard is a wonderful way to present new ideas, show information, interactively explain a procedure, or share a success story.

Show, Don’t Tell

This old schoolroom adage really applies to healthcare. When explaining a new tool, procedure, health concern, or solution, you have to show what it is you’re talking about, because the many different professionals involved in supporting and implementing a new project may not be on the same medical level. For example, you may have engineers, administrators, board members, nurses, and others.

Get out your Aquos whiteboard and show the new project or idea to your staff and investors. For a healthcare practice, this will be more successful and informative for everyone.

Also, an Aquos whiteboard is your communication secret for everyone. From staff to administrators, but more importantly for patients, you can share exactly what they need to know in a visual, interactive display.

Let Copylink Handle It

Working with Copylink means that you can ask the experts for how the Aquos whiteboard will boost your practice and improve communication with patients. Let’s talk today.