Your print environment doesn’t need to be a sustainability issue in your office. Printing is more sustainable and efficient than ever before, but it’s worth a few minutes to see if you’re taking the steps necessary to reduce print waste.

Printing and Environmental Awareness

Previously in many offices, if printing was wasteful, it didn’t matter. Now, it is clear that wasted print resources can have a huge impact on company costs – and the environment.

After making the connection, the good news is that it’s easy to improve environmental impact issues at your business. Read on for some of our simplest tips for sustainability in your workplace.

Today’s Sustainability Improvements

  • Toner recycling – This is an easy step that has a big effect. Recycling toner reduces landfill space full of office products, but also recycling can save energy needed for new cartridges, reduce resource extraction, decrease pollution, and minimize the creation of entirely new products.
  • Print management – Managed print services can instantly help your office cut waste and improve sustainability. If going green is a priority for you, this is your first step.
  • Document management – Nothing says “save paper!” better than going digital. With an online office and cloud storage, your documents are electronic instead of hard copy, significantly reducing the amount of paper your office consumes.
  • Paperless storage – From cloud storage to data backup solutions, paperless options abound to support your company’s mission of sustainability.

Focus on the Environment

And now, you don’t have to make huge changes to operations to run a more sustainable, environmentally friendly business.

Copy Link has solutions for you. Our copier and printer certified technicians can evaluate your current print set up to see where simple changes can save money and reduce your environmental impact. Contact us today – let’s make your business run better and be green.