Most office workers today remember the days of black and white copying and faxing. It seemed high tech then, but we had no idea what was coming!

Now, your multifunction printer can do more than you might even know.

With that in mind, we listed off a few fantastic benefits of today’s multifunction printers just in case you didn’t know what your machine was capable of, or, if you still have an ancient device, it’s probably time to upgrade!

Print, Copy, Scan, and…

So much more! Read on for some of our favorite features.

Mobile Print

Print directly from your phone to the office machine, swoop in and grab the document, and head into the meeting. It’s that easy!


Sharp multifunction printers can boost collaboration by allowing employees additional options like scan to email, in addition to better onsite opportunities for production. Create the project your team designed in-house – a marketing poster or invitation, evaluate at the meeting, and edit or produce. Collaboration is easier when you can do everything you need to and work together.

Office Connectivity

Devices are all connected to the same network, including the multifunction printer. You don’t have to worry about bringing your computer to the printer or finding the right machine – it’s all integrated.

Easy User Interface

From touch screens to pre-loaded addresses to quick, one-step functions, Sharp multifunction printers have a user-friendly workspace that allows you to quickly complete your time at the printer instead of stumbling through the process.

Stay Updated

When you invest in a printer with a reliable vendor like CopyLink, you know that updates, service, and other printer questions will be answers and taken care of.

Get in touch even if you only have questions about your Sharp multifunction printer. We’re happy to help and happy to share any information you need. Let’s talk.