When you think of security, do you still think of your computer password or a file cabinet with a lock and key? It might be time to update this vision of security protections!

One of the most efficient yet overlooked security devices is your multifunction printer. It’s always surprising to business owners to discover that over 40% of employees have left a confidential document on the printer or out in the office near the printer before. In addition, printers can retain more data than you might imagine.

It’s time to see your printer as a critical layer of protection for your office.

Printers and Security

Printers offer great security features that provide substantial protections. The primary features are listed below.

But, don’t skimp on security. Ask your trusted multifunction printer vendor if you’re getting all the preventative features that you need for your industry.

4 Special Features

Key into these critical additions below, and don’t be afraid to ask about what else might be possible.

  • Password protection – Every time you print, you enter a password to ensure that your materials aren’t sitting on the printer for open viewing. It’s not a hassle; it’s an easy way to make sure people don’t page through your confidential documents.
  • Data encryption – To ensure data is secure as it travels from computer to printer, invest in data encryption services, so it can’t be intercepted.
  • Secure network connection – Always double check that your network is secure, and your printer connection to the network is secure. The most careful multifunction printer vendors will also engage you on network security, to ensure that nothing goes to waste with a threatened network.
  • Protective print practices – Get ahead of the game. Manage your print environment, employee security training, and software updates to be sure that you have all the pieces in place for protected devices and a safe office space.

Print Security

Don’t let security fall to the wayside when it comes to your printer. Talk to Copy Link to invest in the machine that will protect your business.