Not sure if your industry can use today’s multifunction printer? Or maybe you know it’s time for an upgrade but don’t know about available features?

Before diving into any custom printer or multifunction machine, be sure your investment is correct – you want to put money into the features you need that benefit your business and make you competitive in your industry.

Multifunction Printers – The Basics

Multifunction devices are meant to cover all of your needs. While some features are a necessity for all businesses – like security – some may be more specific.

Multifunction printers can print volumes, create quality copies, scan documents to email, fax, and more. The machines can integrate into your business network and secure your materials.

Take a look below to see what multifunction printers have to offer and find where your industry matches up. You’ll see at least one significant benefit, and probably way more.

Features That Benefit Your Industry:


All industries need to focus on security, from password protected print to updated connectivity. Industries like healthcare and legal may need additional protections.

High Volume Copies

Education sees the positive in fast, quality copies for large audiences. Also, all businesses can use this tool for their marketing department.

Scan to Email

Any customer service oriented business knows that scanning to email is much better than faxing. Use this for any documents that aren’t available electronically and to communicate with co-workers as necessary.

Print Capacity

Print capacity is necessary for **healthcare, technology, education, and any consumer-focused business **that produces collateral.

See Your Industry?

It’s unlikely that a multifunction printer won’t help your business. There’s a benefit for everyone with an efficient, effective machine.

Get in touch today – at Copy Link, we know that being your business partner means more than helping you find the right equipment. We help with technical questions, service plans, and specific office needs. We’ll always find the answer.