It’s important to focus on sustainability and how to be green for any business manager. It’s challenging though sometimes, and realistically, it may not seem possible due to costs, organization, systems, etc.

Going green is and should be a priority, and some solutions make it easier and save your business money. This might seem like the ultimate ideal, but it’s true.

Look at Opportunities

For more opportunities to improve sustainability, you have to look closely at your primary area of waste. For many companies, it’s a combination of trying to operate the way they used to – through papers, printed meeting materials, and hard copy communications – while still using the digital office environment.

Let’s be real, though. You only need to be digital, and there are many ways that your paper use and printed materials can be eliminated. It’s hard to do on your own, time consuming to oversee as a manager, and challenging to focus on when you have a business to run.

Managed Print and Going Green

The answer to the conundrum – go green or save money – is that you can do both with managed print services. Managed print takes on the task of overseeing print operations, fixing issues with printing, eliminating wasteful copy, evaluating overspending on print money, and overhauling the system so that you can improve sustainability and get your print system streamlined and efficient.

Reduce Wasted Time, Money, and Supplies

Managed print services help your business go green but reducing wasted time, money, and supplies. Cut back on unnecessarily printed documents, unused supplies, toner refills, and paper, and your business will see a big jump in sustainability ranking.

Sustainability Answers

Copy Link has your solutions for improving sustainability and meeting your goals for going green. Want to be greener – with less environmental impact and more money? Let us help – talk to Copy Link.