In academics, budgets often override efforts to make more efficient investments. While this can happen, it’s important to prioritize services that will streamline your workflow and be major cost and time saving solutions.

A great example of this is managed print services. With managed print services (MPS), schools will not only implement print solutions that make sense – like better policies, troubleshooting procedures, and supply ordering processes – but also establish print audits and a reliable print budget, which will save a lot of money over time. While it’s a cost to use a new service, it’s completely worth it when it fixes a costly problem.

Colleges and Universities Use MPS

Many academic institutions find great benefits from using mps. To cover the highlights, it can save educators and administrators from spending time troubleshooting print problems, waiting for supplies or services, or evaluating why a budget can’t be met. Managed print can also save administrative staff the trouble of trying to make all the maintenance calls and ordering supplies. The positive outcomes are beneficial to all departments at your institution.

Major Benefits

Below are details of the most outstanding benefits of managed print services:

  • Cost – save on supplies, repairs, and functionality.
  • Productivity – employees will be able to stay focused on their major projects and administrative assistants won’t have to troubleshoot the printer.
  • Time – save everyone’s time with a streamlined, well-established process.
  • Efficiency – the entire system, from budgets to supplies to workflow, will be more efficient throughout. ##Let’s Talk Time to set up your academic institution with better functionality in your print environment. That means managed print services are the answer. The service is quick to learn, implement, and use, so you’ll never get behind. Contact CopyLink to get started.