When you need office equipment service, you need it now. It’s not something that can wait because projects immediately get backed up when something goes down.

When Do You Call Copier and Printer Certified Technicians?

At CopyLink, we have high service standards. However, sometimes people wait to call a technician or think their problem isn’t important enough.

For some businesses, past issues with other vendors and technicians have been frustrating, so they don’t know what to expect.

Here are some times when you may not want to get service in to look at something, but it would be a good idea to ensure the return on your investment.

Speed Issues

CopyLink ensures that your machine will be operational with an average uptime of 95% or we will provide a loaner machine. That’s responsiveness at it’s best – don’t wait to ask.

Quality Failure

We guarantee that the last copy your machine makes will be as crisp and clear as the first. We don’t sell a device and expect it to deteriorate over time – that’s not the product anyone wants.

Network Updates

If networks were updated and your machine isn’t responding properly, give your technician a call to ensure that everything connects to equipment and other devices. With some updates, this can be an important step that may be overlooked, but your service team can help.

Security Problems

Does something seem off about your machine? Did you have a small breach in another device? Call a copier and printer certified technician to check in on your equipment and ensure there weren’t any other security issues.

Who Do You Call?

The professionals at CopyLink, of course! Our copier and printer certified technicians have flexibility to work with you whenever you have problems, and an understanding of experience and customer service so that any copy or print problem can be addressed quickly. Contact us today to see how easy it can be to live in a world free of printer problems.