It should come as no surprise that today’s tech-savvy children aren’t impressed with overhead projectors, static slide shows, and dry-erase boards. If you’re having trouble engaging your students with solutions designed in the 1970s and 80s, it’s time to take a look at the Sharp Aquos Whiteboard.

Go big with Sharp.

It’s not hard to bring on the yawns if all you’ve got in your toolkit are solutions designed for the last century. Make education exciting for your 21st-century students by embracing new technologies they’re sure to love. The Sharp Aquos Whiteboard is one such tool. Here’s a look at the amazing benefits.

1. Teach to their learning style.

A well-rounded education begins by recognizing and teaching to the various learning styles represented in your classroom. An Aquos whiteboard engages students through visual, auditory, and kinetic approaches that won’t leave anyone behind. The resulting benefits include better retention of the materials, more student involvement, and access to new methods for presenting the same information.

2. Involve the entire class.

Solutions like hardcopy handouts and worksheets have their place, but these single-solution approaches rarely get the entire class involved at the same time. Sharp Aquos Whiteboards bring education to an entirely new level for your entire class. Involve your whole class by allowing them to touch, draw, or write on your Aquos whiteboard for a much more engaging and satisfying experience.

3. User-friendly flexibility.

What’s your go-to technology for the classroom? Your Sharp Aquos Whiteboard can connect to desktop computers, laptops, cameras, mobile devices and other technologies to further enhance your educational toolbox.

Is your classroom equipped for success in the 21st century? Contact us at Copy Link to find out how a Sharp Aquos Whiteboard can make education more enjoyable for your students today!