Your multifunction printer (MFP) can print, copy, scan, email,and fax. Okay, you know this. But do you know what else it can do?

If you’ve invested in a high quality, advanced machine, you want to use everything it has to offer. Don’t get stuck just operating on the base level – with a few quick clicks and trials, you can expand the use of your device and get more for your money.

Focus on Features

Ensure that you’re using everything your Sharp multifunction printer has to offer. Below are some essential features – check up on your use (and how your employees take advantage), and ask the pros at CopyLink how else your MFP can work for you.

Touch screen

Think about how your machine functions – do you use the touchscreen? Have you tried setting up one-touch features? Touch screens are made for simplicity, and yours can offer complex features rolled into a touch of a button – like scanning to a USB or specific folder.

Finishing touches

Your documents will catch clients’ attention with high-performance finishers like in-line stapling, binding, or easy fastening without staples. Also, quality color and crisp lines make every copy look professional.


Security features are in place on your machine, right? If not, it’s time to set up password protection, print authorization, and network connectivity.

Even with these features established, there may be more you can do to protect your data. Have you wiped your hard drive? Protected connections within the network to other devices? Ask your MFP provider what other options are available for your company and printer use.


Ask away! At CopyLink, we’re here with answers. You don’t need to waste your time trying to figure out your MFP – we can help. Contact CopyLink today.