When your copier and printer are down, so are your workflows. Read on for five signs that it’s time to team up with an equipment provider who cares about your success as much as their own.

1. You’ve become accustomed to long waits.

How long does your current service provider make you wait? If it’s more than four hours, that’s too long. At Copy Link, our team of copier and printer certified technicians will respond within four hours whenever your equipment needs attention.

2. When your device is down, so are your projects.

Do you have major projects that require extensive use of your copier and printer? A service provider that leaves your team with nothing to do hasn’t bought into your success. A reputable equipment and service provider will provide your team with a loaner device if they can’t address a performance issue to your satisfaction. Your team can get back to critical projects while their certified technicians work overtime to get your equipment operational as soon as possible.

3. You’re not happy with your new equipment.

Has the shine has worn off your new copier and printer way too soon? If new equipment isn’t performing as promised by the manufacturer, some companies may leave you holding the bag. A trustworthy equipment partner will make sure your device operates as promised for five years or they’ll replace it with a similar one.

4. Your document quality isn’t what it used to be.

If your equipment is operational, but your documents aren’t up to par, that’s a problem. Look for an equipment provider who cares about your documents—and your image.

5. You have to wait several days or weeks for replacement parts.

Does your equipment provider routinely keep you waiting for out-of-stock or back ordered parts? A responsible technology provider will keep parts in stock, replenishing their inventories regularly, so you aren’t left hanging.

Contact Copy Link’s copier and printer certified technicians to find out what superior service looks like today!