Educators are always on top of the newest ways to engage their students. Have you invested in an interactive whiteboard already? One of the top education tools, an interactive whiteboard (IWB) like an Aquos Whiteboard, can increase positive lesson responses.

Use Your Aquos Whiteboard

Once you’ve invested, how to best use your whiteboard to interact with students? While there are many features to choose from, you can select which to put to use in your classroom based on your topic and student ages.


Programs like PBS Kids and Crickweb are known for being more interactive and geared toward a younger crowd. While your Aquos Whiteboard will make any application interactive, these are a few standouts based on teacher responses and student feedback.


NASA Space Place and Scholastic bump up the fun and the learning for kids who are a little older and asking big questions. Give them the information they are looking for with games, activities, and lessons spanning a variety of topics and learning levels. Dive in to even more fun in the classroom!

Bring to Life

Many programs can bring learning to life for students, such as Stellarium, which turns the whiteboard into the night sky. The free planetarium makes it easy to learn about planets, stars, and galaxies, and kids will be enamored by the visuals. Make learning better than ever!

Start Today

Engaging technology is just a click away when you invest in an Aquos Whiteboard to bring your presentations to life.

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