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Office Equipment Leasing

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Whether you're starting a new business or growing a current business, you need high-quality office equipment and furniture. However, this equipment can be expensive and during times of growth, cash flow is essential. This is where leasing office equipment comes in handy, and at Copy Link we make it easy for you.

Equipment You Can Lease

  • Multifunction Printers
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Business Telephones and Video Conference Equipment
  • Postage Machines

Financing Options

To pay for leased office equipment, consider paying in installments through bank loans or credit cards. When cash flow is a concern, consider that bank loans normally require a down payment along with regular payments. Credit cards don't require upfront costs, but they have a sizable interest rate that can add up quickly. You need a manageable monthly payment and interest rate that has low initial installment costs. This is what office equipment leasing can offer.

Office equipment leasing will finance 100 percent of your equipment cost, leaving you capital for other needs. Equipment leasing does not affect your credit availability, so you can maintain your bank borrowing capacity for other financing options. Equipment lease payments can also be treated as fully tax deductible expenses since they are paid from pre-tax dollars.

Contact Us

To keep your office equipment up-to-date in a cost effective manner, contact Copy Link today. You can request a free quote here or fill out the contact form. If you want to speak directly with someone about office equipment leasing, call our San Diego office at 619-424-8000.