Printer maintenance isn’t anyone’s favorite thing to do, but it’s absolutely crucial if you want your machine to function properly and for a long time. Luckily, with these simple tips, printer maintenance doesn’t have to be a chore–so you can get started today!

Protecting the Printer

You do a lot of work to protect your multifunction printer, from securing the network to requiring user authentication–but if you’re not doing regular printer maintenance, you might be sabotaging yourself. The truth is that a little bit of simple maintenance goes a long way toward making sure that your printer lasts longer, works better, and creates professional-level prints every time. Make sure you’re showing your whole fleet the love it deserves with these easy tips!

Tip #1: Get everyone on the same page.

Employees can either hurt your printers or help them–so make sure it’s the latter by encouraging good habits, offering effective training, and being proactive about your problem-solving. Everyone should know how to take care of the printers–from dealing with paper jams to replacing ink.

Tip #2: Make cleaning a habit.

Cleaning your printer can make a world of difference. Wipe off the print glass with a gentle cloth, keep dust off the machine, and make sure to get rid of debris and paper scraps whenever you see them.

Tip #3: Be savvy about printer placement.

Putting your multifunction printer in the right place is crucial. Not only is this an easy way to boost print security–it also ensures that your machine is out of the way, safe from direct sunlight, and nowhere near any vents. This helps limit risks and maintain your machine for years to come.

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