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Document Management Software and Solutions in San Diego

No matter what kind of business you run in San Diego, having a document management system is crucial to your success.  You likely send, receive and produce a library's worth of documents and data through the course of business. When you have to handle a massive volume of digital or printed documents daily, having a reliable software system to help you manage your documents will help your company run smoothly and efficiently. That's where Copy Link comes in. We are a vendor for electronic document management software for businesses across the San Diego, CA, area. We have a range of desktop software solutions to help you organize faxes, paper, and digital documents.

Desktop Document Management Software

Copy Link is an excellent solution for any company. From large, multi-departments operations to smaller, independent endeavors, incoming and outgoing documents require tracking. Combine that with the different electronic platforms that many businesses you partner with utilize, and you need Copy Link’s document management services. Document management services and software from Copy Link can unify and organize your company's records and documents into an easy-to-access and understandable system. With all your documents stored in one place, you and your employees don't have to hunt to find what you need.

Secure Document Management

Now, more than ever, it is important to protect your company's data. With document management services, you can ensure that only authorized personnel will see your proprietary information. In addition to setting up user names and passwords, you can easily track those who have accessed your system, the information they have seen and when they accessed it.

Digital & Paper Document Software Solutions

Copy Link near San Diego, CA, has a series of document management solutions for paper, digital and faxed documents. Take a look at each of the following products to see which is right for your office in the San Diego area:


With DocuWare, you can capture, store and access documents electronically. This powerful storage and indexing tool is great for invoices, emails, proposals and more.

Drivve | Image

Drivve | Image is an easy-to-use scanning program which streamlines your business processes. Clean up images, create searchable PDFs and more.

PaperCut MF

Manage and monitor copy and print functions within your company. Control the flow and permissions for the printers in your office with PaperCut's simple interface.


Get a lot of faxes at work? GoldFax is a scalable fax automation system that fits companies of all sizes. Instead of being stuck with conventional paper-based fax devices, you can send, receive and archive digital fax documents.

Sharp Suite

With Sharp E-Mail Connector, Sharp MyFolder, Sharp Portal and Sharpdesk, you will feel confident that your emails, files and other documents are easily accessible and protected from prying eyes. Ask one of our friendly Copy Link staff members for more information about this program suite.

Document Management Solutions Today

For more information on document management software and how it can help your business, contact us here at Copy Link.