Every presentation you sit through in a meeting, you might wonder – how can this be better? How could I bring this presentation to life?

The reality is that we all need more engaging ways to interact with our audience. Meetings with entertaining, interactive displays are more productive and result in better solutions and collaboration than a meeting where someone talks at other employees.

Make your meetings more productive and interactive by using the Aquos Whiteboard, which allows presenters to bring their device and dig into the material to involve the audience. New to the idea of interactive display boards? Copy Link is a high-level vendor that can answer all your questions about how to level up your presentations – read on for more.

What is an interactive whiteboard?

An interactive whiteboard is an advanced tool that displays computer images onto a whiteboard using a digital projector or device.

Using the whiteboard, you can manipulate elements on the board as a touch screen, which enables quick brainstorming notes and improved changes, as the most functional meetings include productive feedback – which you can add to the slides immediately with an interactive whiteboard.

It adds precisely that missing element to your discussions – interaction and engagement.

How do I mix up my presentation?

Revisiting your presentation with an Aquos Whiteboard looks like adding in more questions, brainstorming sessions, and opportunities for collaboration. Ask questions – circle answers on the board. Draw ideas, outcomes, and audience targets with the display.

Innovate Across Industries

An Aquos Whiteboard is appropriate for many industries, from education to building, from healthcare to business management, and more. Is it right for your enterprise? Probably – ask Copy Link for sure.

Get Started with Copy Link

Copy Link will review the features of Aquos and how they apply to your specific business. Interested? Let’s talk – call or email Copy Link for details.