Ready to talk with your employees at office meetings instead of talking at them? Are you anxious for people to actually respond when you ask for questions or input? Wondering why no one is very energetic during brainstorming sessions?

It might be as simple as an outdated presentation style. Today’s advanced technology isn’t a just stand up and talk kind of office anymore. Employees are ready to be part of everything if they feel invited.

That’s why the Aquos Whiteboard interactive display is great for taking meetings up a notch. Employees aren’t just invited to join, they feel like they are part of the conversation from the beginning. The interactive, interesting displays on the board promote drawing, sharing, adding notes, recording meeting content more broadly, and other fantastic features that will boost employee engagement and morale.

Engage the Audience

This is the first secret to a good meeting. Join in with everyone to take part in the action. With your Aquos Whiteboard, employees can circle ideas they love for example, brainstorming ideas can appear on the board from devices, and you can access videos, virtual images, and more.

Encourage Collaboration

Today’s interactive displays are excellent for collaboration. You know the meetings when you’re trying to get the team to work together but no one is joining in? No more of that: post a poll or create an all-team brainstorming project. Everyone will take part in the project with an interactive meeting and display.

Energized Presenting in Your Office

If you think your office could benefit from informative, engaging presentations with an Aquos Whiteboard, it’s time to update to interactive displays. Let’s talk.