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New Interactive Aquos Whiteboards


The use of so many portable electronics has made it easier than ever to collaborate and to communicate ideas. With this capability everywhere, why be without it in the conference room? With an Aquos whiteboard, you won't have to.

Interacting With a Whiteboard

With so many people now accustomed to seeing a video anytime they want, changing information as needed and viewing pictures and charts at any time, they expect this technology to be available to them. If your meetings and conferences don't have the same capabilities, you can expect to lose the interest of the participants. Being able to demonstrate things easily with an Aquos whiteboard leads to better communication between the entire group. It's a lot harder to misunderstand what is being said in a meeting when you have multimedia aspects of your presentation.

Ease of Operation

When using materials during a conference, meeting or training, making mistakes with it isn't the best impression. However, an Aquos whiteboard is easy to use. It has simple controls that don't take a day or training to learn. It is an intuitive device that everyone in the office can quickly learn how to use to improve their own communication during meetings. It also has high resolution, delivering seamless details in photos and graphs as well as sharp text that is easy to see. For people who are used to HD TVs and sharp phone displays, it will meet their expectations for images.

Making Notes and Changes

One of the best things about an interactive Aquos whiteboard is that it still maintains the basic functionality of an old-fashioned whiteboard. In addition to all of the photos and videos and audio of the interactive models, you can also write on them to communicate new ideas and change old ones. These whiteboards are made to feel like you're writing on a traditional whiteboard, so you can expect your workers to feel comfortable using this function. It allows for easy editing and updating so that everyone sees the new information all at the same time.

If your office is ready for an Aquos whiteboard in your conference or meeting room, contact us to find out more about these helpful devices and what they can do for your business.