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Advance Workplace Technology with Interactive Whiteboards

interactive whiteboard in use

Interactive whiteboards are the new business technology to finally take over Powerpoint presentations and give your next meeting an engaging, visual boost.

Starting with an Aquos Whiteboard is a good way to involve employees and clients in discussions instead of just watching and forgetting critical business information. You can encourage innovation, brainstorming, and collaboration just by changing the way you present and discuss information.

Two Simple Steps to Improve Office Security

printer in use

Office security is top of mind for everyone. Protecting data, employee and client information, and business details is more important than ever before because one breach can be impactful enough to potentially put you out of business.

How to start fixing your office security? Focus on the most do-able aspect of security - print security to get started, and then work with your office operations team and network experts to chip away at revamping all security areas.

4 Ways to Know Managed Print will Work in Your Company

Managed Print Services

It's likely that you've heard about managed print services, but maybe you don't know if your business would benefit from the service.

Here's something to know based on common questions: it's not about understanding print equipment, or if your company can manage devices. Of course everyone has the ability to manage their own printers.

Can I Recycle my Printer?

printer technician

Your copier or printer is outdated and ready to be done. Can you recycle it, you're wondering? It seems like a big deal to just get rid of a large machine.

The short answer is yes - but not without security caution. Your copier or printer includes a hard drive with all of the information that you have been processing through the machine. While this is surprising to many people, pay attention - even if you are reading this and don't need to get rid of your copier, you should still regularly wipe your hard drive for sensitive data.

Bring Your Meetings to Life with Interactive Displays

interactive display in conference room

Ready to talk with your employees at office meetings instead of talking at them? Are you anxious for people to actually respond when you ask for questions or input? Wondering why no one is very energetic during brainstorming sessions?

It might be as simple as an outdated presentation style. Today's advanced technology isn't a just stand up and talk kind of office anymore. Employees are ready to be part of everything if they feel invited.

Make Your Office Mobile

mobile devices in use

While companies everywhere are embracing new technology, new devices, and mobile and bring your own device concepts, not everyone is on board yet. Are you one of the companies waiting to weigh the benefits? If so, read on to see why everyone is going mobile - in all the ways.

4 Ways Managed Print Services Streamlines Process Improvement

Print Services

Process improvement is a priority for many managers today, and one of the best ways to do it is to identify areas where technology and office use can be adjusted for cost efficiency.

One place is printing, which is why your business will want to look into managed print services. With managed print services, a professional company will help collect, navigate, understand, and use helpful data from your business's print fleet. This means you can find behaviors and habits that can be easily altered to improve productivity and your bottom line.

3 Things Smart Managers Look for Before Buying a Printer

printer technician

Printers and copiers are an essential part of your business operations, so you wouldn't just buy one from anyone. If you're going to make a big investment, you would research what you're getting, what you need, how it's supported, and who you're buying from.

When buying a printer or copier, it's important to match the machine to your business and needs, since it can impact your workflow and operations.

What We’re Researching: The Interactive Aquos Whiteboard

women using interactive whiteboard

Presentation displays have come a long way over the course of a career. First there were chalkboards, then whiteboard and markers.

There have been various presentation software programs trying to make meetings more engaging and new ways to bring information to your teams. But still, collaboration, brainstorming, and involved audiences were difficult to master without the right tools.

2 Reasons Your Sharp Multifunction Printer is Critical for Business

man working at desk

Today's successful businesses are adapting to the times quickly, which means advancing technology and changing workflows to match how employees and clients operate.

While we've seen many devices disappear over the years, some have become more critical, like the Sharp multifunction printer.