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When Do You Need a Certified Technician?

copier and printer certified technicians

If you were focused on not skimping when purchasing a high-quality copier or printer, you'd want to operate with the same standards for service and technicians.

There are critical office needs you can manage with the right tech team, most notably critical security issues and other retrieval and disposal concerns.

Copier and Printer Certified Technicians

Before selecting an office equipment provider, ensure that the company has a time-tested and trustworthy service plan.

The #1 Technology Upgrade for Education

Aquos whiteboard, education

Education needs tech advancements consistently to keep up with new teaching styles and engage students whose learning style may change as well.

Just like with any office team meeting, adding an Aquos whiteboard to your classroom or collaboration center can make a big difference in how students hear and absorb information.

Go Paperless

Presentation boards take away the awkward writing on large paper boards and make meetings and classes more interesting, so they involve the audience.

6 Critical Considerations for Purchasing a Multifunction Printer

things to consider

There are only a few things that can change your whole business functionality and office workflow, but investing in a multifunction printer is one of them.

Multifunction printers simplify office automations in one place, where you can print, copy, scan, email, and fax. It's the answer to many problems - like storage, tight budgets, and wasted resources - because it consolidates office devices, saves money on multiple machines and repairs, and cuts back on wasted paper and supplies.

Uncover Hidden Costs with Managed Print Services

hidden costs

How can you find out if a Managed Print Services engagement is a good fit for your company? On its surface, managing your company's fleet of copiers and printers doesn't seem all that complicated, but there's more to the equation than maintaining equipment and ordering a few supplies.

To find out if your company would realize tangible benefits from Managed Print Services, take a few moments to consider the following questions.

Why You Should Schedule a Preventative Maintenance Appointment Today!

copier and printer certified technicians

Are you happy with the performance of your copiers and printers? Proactive maintenance performed regularly by our copier and printer certified technicians is the preferred method for catching small issues before they can cause damage to your equipment. Preventative maintenance appointments help technicians locate and address problems as soon possible. Here's why you'll want to prioritize maintenance for your equipment.

Improve the Classroom Experience with Sharp Aquos Whiteboard Systems


The Sharp Aquos Whiteboard System is changing the way we present information, and in the field of education, it's made user-friendly, collaborative teaching and learning even more effective. Here's a look at how the Sharp Aquos Whiteboard can change the way you conduct your classes, and for the better.

Choosing the Ideal Sharp Multifunction Printer for Your Workgroup

multifunction printer

A Sharp multifunction printer can be the perfect choice for small-to-medium companies, especially those with budget limitations. A multifunction printer can reduce your requirements for a fleet of single-use printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines while delivering some outstanding productivity advantages.

If your goals for this year include adding a Sharp multifunction printer to your office, listing your requirements is the first step in making an informed decision. Here's where to begin.

3 Tips for Choosing a Managed Print Services Provider

managed print services

Managed Print Services is an effective tool for reducing costs, improving efficiency, and eliminating print-related bottlenecks and distractions. As with any service, however, the benefits may be limited if the service provider doesn't understand your organizational needs.

If you're a business leader looking into Managed Print Services, consider the following observations to help you choose the right provider for your company.

Five Signs It's Time for a New Technology Provider


When your copier and printer are down, so are your workflows. Read on for five signs that it's time to team up with an equipment provider who cares about your success as much as their own.

Aquos Whiteboard or Projector—Which is Right for Your Classroom?

interactive whiteboard

Are you trying to decide between a projector and an Aquos interactive whiteboard for your classroom? Both are popular choices in the education sector, but there are significant technological and practical differences between the two systems.

Which System is Right for You?

While a classroom projector system supports traditional video-based instruction, a Sharp Aquos whiteboard allows for real-time interaction between students and teachers.