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Mobile Printing is Possible with Your Sharp Multifunction Printer

Printing from Mobile Device

Today's workforce is on-the-go. Studies show that 90% of American workers with full-time roles use their smartphone for work. This can mean anything from drafting an email to making calls or following up with clients.

There is more you can do with your mobile device, and you can set your whole office up for success with other options. One of the most helpful yet still newer options is mobile printing, which is available from most office devices, especially your Sharp multifunction printer.

Selecting Your Managed Print Services Provider


Printers are a critical aspect of all business operations. They can also take up a lot of time, investment, repairs, services, security concerns, and more. These issues can be a considerable weight on employees in your company.

The best way to eliminate these burdensome tasks is to outsource print management. It's not a job that is usually owned by one person anyway - do you know of a company with a print manager? - But that also means there isn't any accountability or responsibility. Also, each task is sometimes divided up or repeated, which can be even more inefficient.

Improve Sustainability with Printing Fixes

printer technician

Your print environment doesn't need to be a sustainability issue in your office. Printing is more sustainable and efficient than ever before, but it's worth a few minutes to see if you're taking the steps necessary to reduce print waste.

Printing and Environmental Awareness

Previously in many offices, if printing was wasteful, it didn't matter. Now, it is clear that wasted print resources can have a huge impact on company costs - and the environment.

Presenting with the Aquos Whiteboard

interactive whiteboard in use

The Sharp Aquos Whiteboard has been around for about seven years, but it has come a long way from 2011 to 2018.

Aquos interactive displays revolutionized presenting when it was first introduced as an advanced technology for office support and collaboration. Now, it's a system that matches up with today's fast-paced, team-focused office and conveys messages, data, and ideas better than before.

Get the Most from Your Sharp Multifunction Printer

touchscreen printer

Your multifunction printer (MFP) can print, copy, scan, email,and fax. Okay, you know this. But do you know what else it can do?

If you've invested in a high quality, advanced machine, you want to use everything it has to offer. Don't get stuck just operating on the base level - with a few quick clicks and trials, you can expand the use of your device and get more for your money.

Managed Print Services Helps Your Business in 5 Critical Ways

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Managed print services can help your business out - this you know. But how exactly does the service give your business the kick-start it needs?

There are some obvious benefits - cost savings for example - and some more surprising ones, like time management. Below, we detail these significant impacts of managed print services so you can review them before deciding.

Business Boosting Benefits

Managed print services can help your business grow! Read on for more.

How Certified Technicians Can Save the Day

copier and printer certified technicians

When you need office equipment service, you need it now. It's not something that can wait because projects immediately get backed up when something goes down.

When Do You Call Copier and Printer Certified Technicians?

At CopyLink, we have high service standards. However, sometimes people wait to call a technician or think their problem isn't important enough.

For some businesses, past issues with other vendors and technicians have been frustrating, so they don't know what to expect.

5 Considerations for Investing in an Interactive Classroom

Aquos whiteboard

How can you engage students in your classroom more? Presentation boards are a favorite answer. While a great idea, it can be confusing to research whiteboards, so we lined out a few considerations for your purchase.

The Changing World of Education

Interactive tools like the Aquos whiteboard are excellent new tools for hands-on education. It can transform your classroom but ensure that you purchase a presentation tool with a vision for how it fits into your teaching style.

How Your Sharp Multifunction Printer Does More

business people

Most office workers today remember the days of black and white copying and faxing. It seemed high tech then, but we had no idea what was coming!

Now, your multifunction printer can do more than you might even know.

With that in mind, we listed off a few fantastic benefits of today's multifunction printers just in case you didn't know what your machine was capable of, or, if you still have an ancient device, it's probably time to upgrade!

Managed Print: The Cost-Cutting Answer

cutting cost

Cutting costs and finding efficiencies often has negative connotations in the workplace. You don't want to go the challenging route and reduce wages, trim positions, or impact quality control.

Luckily, there are surprisingly easy ways to lower expenses without impacting employee morale. Based on savings, we recommend considering managed print services first.