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Choose Certified Technicians for Greater Office Sustainability

copier technician

The modern office needs to out in the effort to be more green in order to create a more sustainable business. Not only do the employees want that from an employer, but your customers will appreciate that from a company that they do business with.

Why You Need a Sharp Aquos Whiteboard

interactive whiteboard in use

The use of chalkboards is over, and now standard whiteboards are beginning to be replaced by something far more innovative and effective. Sharp Aquos Boards are interactive boards that can display information in far more depth and detail, and it can do it much faster. Here's why your business needs one.

Do You Know What's on Your MFPs Hard Drive?

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You may have a plan to protect your important data where most of your cybersecurity efforts are likely to center around the hard drives in the computers on your network, but this plan isn't complete until you consider your multifunction printer. Few companies consider the hard drive inside one of the network's most used machines and the amount of data it stores. A multifunction printer is equipped with a built-in hard drive that collects the information necessary to make copies and print files.

How Educational Institutions Benefit from Managed Print Services

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In academics, budgets often override efforts to make more efficient investments. While this can happen, it's important to prioritize services that will streamline your workflow and be major cost and time saving solutions.

Selecting the Best Copier for Your Business

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Finding the best copier for your business is a key part in both establishing your business and upgrading your machine. Any size business will need a copier and getting the right device that meets the needs of your print/copy environment, capacity, productivity, and project requirements is important.

4 Reasons Your Aquos Whiteboard Builds Your Business

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It's a competitive business market out there - for all size organizations. From big businesses to small start ups or at-home entrepreneurs, you never know where the next disrupters will be. You have to stay ahead of the game, encourage innovation, and build your business while being the market disrupters.

3 Ways to Know it's Time to Upgrade Your Printer

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It's easy to overlook office equipment when you evaluate everything that needs to be kept up and upgraded. But - don't make the mistake of letting your devices age out. When you have equipment that is too old, it becomes more costly and less efficient.

Also, additional features can boost your business as you grow. Keep an eye on new print updates that can give you time and money back. Read on to recognize three key ways it's probably time to consider an upgrade.

4 Ways Managed Print Services are the Secret to Budget Management

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Managed print services can really line out your budget. Just like any budgeting process, sometimes you have to take a hard look at what you're spending on, where the money comes from, and how much it adds up to.

With print, this can be an eye opening evaluation. You had no idea you were spending so much on print, right? Time to invest in managed print services.

Get Your Budget in Order in 2019

In order to get your print budget lined out and where you want it, managed print services is the next step.

Important Print Maintenance Priorities

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Print maintenance is an essential business function, and it's not something to skimp on. Keeping up with changes, updates, new features, and upgrades can really make or break your office equipment by making it ready to go when you need it.

Where to start with print maintenance priorities? Here are a few aspects to consider as you establish a solid foundation for service.

Advance Workplace Technology with Interactive Whiteboards

interactive whiteboard in use

Interactive whiteboards are the new business technology to finally take over Powerpoint presentations and give your next meeting an engaging, visual boost.

Starting with an Aquos Whiteboard is a good way to involve employees and clients in discussions instead of just watching and forgetting critical business information. You can encourage innovation, brainstorming, and collaboration just by changing the way you present and discuss information.