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5 Ways to Know Your Copier Should be Professionally Repaired

printer technician

With office devices, sometimes it seems acceptable to take the easy route. For example, you might hire the local service repair person even if you're not exactly sure about their qualifications or let an employee troubleshoot the printer.

Is this really the route to making the most of your investment? Probably not.

You should consider copier and printer certified technicians in any situation, but especially if you have seen some issues.

Bring Your Presentation to Life with Interactive Whiteboards

presentation using interactive whiteboard

Every presentation you sit through in a meeting, you might wonder - how can this be better? How could I bring this presentation to life?

The reality is that we all need more engaging ways to interact with our audience. Meetings with entertaining, interactive displays are more productive and result in better solutions and collaboration than a meeting where someone talks at other employees.

How a Sharp Multifunction Printer is a Security Asset

entering password on printer

When you think of security, do you still think of your computer password or a file cabinet with a lock and key? It might be time to update this vision of security protections!

One of the most efficient yet overlooked security devices is your multifunction printer. It's always surprising to business owners to discover that over 40% of employees have left a confidential document on the printer or out in the office near the printer before. In addition, printers can retain more data than you might imagine.

3 Key Reasons Managed Print is Your Stress-Free Answer

woman holding paper

A stress free answer to what? Many annoying business tasks and costs?


Managed print can take away the tedious part of overseeing print operations for any size company. From supply ordering to wasted paper, service management to print policy, print management will save you minutes and dollars that add up fast.

4 Ways to Secure Your Print Environment

printer security

First of all, let's talk about cybersecurity. Nearly half of all cyber attacks are focused on small businesses because security seems like a luxury for larger corporations.

That's exactly the type of vulnerability the attackers want. By thinking you're off the radar, you become a target.

What to do? Easy - secure your office, starting with your print environment and then your network. By partnering with good vendors for trusted security measures and taking simple steps, you can prevent a devastating business hack.

4 Reasons to Love the Aquos Whiteboard

interactive whiteboard in use

You can see it clearly: you're sitting in a lengthy meeting in the afternoon, and you're ready to crash. It's fine - necessary, even, - but you can't stay connected to the material. It's okay; we've all been there.

Aquos Whiteboards have interactive, engaging displays for a reason - not just to stay awake but to make your materials and presentation pop. You want the edge of Aquos so people will listen and remember what you had to say.

6 Top Reasons to Use a Sharp Multifunction Printer

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Remember when offices didn't have computers? Okay, that was a while ago, but many of us remember when offices had fax machines, printers, computers, and personal copiers and printers.

While it may not seem as long ago, efficiency for office productions has made leaps and bounds toward more productive workplaces since then. Time to get on board!

A multifunction printer is an ideal way to move beyond an office plagued by wandering between machines and traveling back and forth to scan or print.

6 Reasons Why Managed Print is Right for Your Business

business person calculating budgets

Your office colleagues are talking about managed print services, but maybe you're not sure if it's right for you yet. It doesn't seem like printers can be too complicated, or expensive...right?

In reality, many managers have no idea how much money is spent on printing issues every month, and the costs can fluctuate dramatically. Why let printing be an excessive cost when it's simple to control costs and time spent through this secure outsourcing system?

Keeping it Real with Printer Service - Your Guide to Get What You Need

printer technician

When you invest in a high-functioning copier or printer, you want to know that it will work when you need it. That's why you can stay on top of service and ensure that you're getting the most for your money by always turning to copier and printer certified technicians for support.

If your machine is operating today, you might skip over this info. But we can't say it enough - prepare for the worst before it happens, so your business can stay one step ahead of any device issues that may occur.

Fast Ways to Engage Students

engaging students

Educators are always on top of the newest ways to engage their students. Have you invested in an interactive whiteboard already? One of the top education tools, an interactive whiteboard (IWB) like an Aquos Whiteboard, can increase positive lesson responses.

Use Your Aquos Whiteboard

Once you've invested, how to best use your whiteboard to interact with students? While there are many features to choose from, you can select which to put to use in your classroom based on your topic and student ages.