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3 Things Smart Managers Look for Before Buying a Printer

printer technician

Printers and copiers are an essential part of your business operations, so you wouldn't just buy one from anyone. If you're going to make a big investment, you would research what you're getting, what you need, how it's supported, and who you're buying from.

When buying a printer or copier, it's important to match the machine to your business and needs, since it can impact your workflow and operations.

What We’re Researching: The Interactive Aquos Whiteboard

women using interactive whiteboard

Presentation displays have come a long way over the course of a career. First there were chalkboards, then whiteboard and markers.

There have been various presentation software programs trying to make meetings more engaging and new ways to bring information to your teams. But still, collaboration, brainstorming, and involved audiences were difficult to master without the right tools.

2 Reasons Your Sharp Multifunction Printer is Critical for Business

man working at desk

Today's successful businesses are adapting to the times quickly, which means advancing technology and changing workflows to match how employees and clients operate.

While we've seen many devices disappear over the years, some have become more critical, like the Sharp multifunction printer.

Benefits of a Print Audit with Managed Print Services

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Managed print services are one of the best ways to outsource office operations to save time and money. You may already know this, but there are more benefits in the details of managed print than you may be aware of.

Managed print means that your supply ordering, print budgets, oversight, and service is all organized into an easy system managed by professionals.

Time to Upgrade Office Equipment?

time to upgrade

If you are baffled by what the next problem could be with your copier or printer, you dread printing anything because it doesn’t work, and your employees constantly grumble about office devices, it’s pretty obvious - you need to consider an upgrade.

However, it’s difficult because you made an investment in your machine at one time, and now you’ve invested in service.

Three Ways You Know

Here’s how you know that it’s definitely time to contact your copier and printer certified technicians and start discussing an upgrade to a new machine.

Improve Your Healthcare Facility with New Technology

medical team in conference room

Healthcare is a field that has started to fall behind in some technological advances - like office equipment and administrative updates - where it could really leverage new developments.

If your healthcare practice still does anything like you did in the 1980s, it’s time to reevaluate. Is there a better way? Probably.

From all office automation to digitizing organization and papers to managing HIPAA compliance to patient information, there’s a healthcare technology update for your front office that will make a huge difference in your office management.

4 Key Mobile Print Benefits for Law Firms

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In your firm, you may often find yourself running to the printer last minute, or going back and forth between your printer and your desk. Or, you might be sitting in a conference with a client and wish you had something printed in hard copy. Running between cases or from the courtroom, wishing you could print documents on the run?

Don’t overlook mobile print. We can’t emphasize enough how this seemingly small add on can really make a difference in your law firm and streamlining the way lawyers work today.

How to Improve Organizational Sustainability

It's important to focus on sustainability and how to be green for any business manager. It's challenging though sometimes, and realistically, it may not seem possible due to costs, organization, systems, etc.

Going green is and should be a priority, and some solutions make it easier and save your business money. This might seem like the ultimate ideal, but it's true.

5 Ways to Know Your Copier Should be Professionally Repaired

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With office devices, sometimes it seems acceptable to take the easy route. For example, you might hire the local service repair person even if you're not exactly sure about their qualifications or let an employee troubleshoot the printer.

Is this really the route to making the most of your investment? Probably not.

You should consider copier and printer certified technicians in any situation, but especially if you have seen some issues.

Bring Your Presentation to Life with Interactive Whiteboards

presentation using interactive whiteboard

Every presentation you sit through in a meeting, you might wonder - how can this be better? How could I bring this presentation to life?

The reality is that we all need more engaging ways to interact with our audience. Meetings with entertaining, interactive displays are more productive and result in better solutions and collaboration than a meeting where someone talks at other employees.