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Aquos Whiteboard or Projector—Which is Right for Your Classroom?

interactive whiteboard

Are you trying to decide between a projector and an Aquos interactive whiteboard for your classroom? Both are popular choices in the education sector, but there are significant technological and practical differences between the two systems.

Which System is Right for You?

While a classroom projector system supports traditional video-based instruction, a Sharp Aquos whiteboard allows for real-time interaction between students and teachers.

Fast Track Productivity with the Sharp MX-C402SC and MX-B402SC Multifunction Printer


What do you expect from your multifunction printer? If true multi-tasking is on your MFP wish list, read on to learn more about the Sharp MX-C402SC and MX-B402SC line of multifunction printers.

What Do You Need?

Sharp takes the multifunction printer to entirely new levels, providing print, copy, scan and fax features plus a line-up of capabilities designed to help maximize efficiency and improve workflows. Let's start with the basics:

The Benefits of Managed Print Services for School Districts

school printer

It's no secret that school districts operate within stringent budgetary guidelines. One way to free up funds for educational goals is to partner with a Managed Print Services provider. Here's how your district can meet your print-related technology needs and free up some much-needed educational funds at the same time.

Insist Upon Certified Technicians for Your Copier and Printer

printer technician

If copier and printer downtime is a regular occurrence in your office, maybe the problem doesn't originate with your equipment, but with your equipment provider.

Read on to find out how important copier and printer certified technicians are to your business processes, and how to go about finding them.

Go Big with a Sharp Aquos Whiteboard in Your Classroom

interactive whiteboard

It should come as no surprise that today's tech-savvy children aren't impressed with overhead projectors, static slide shows, and dry-erase boards. If you're having trouble engaging your students with solutions designed in the 1970s and 80s, it's time to take a look at the Sharp Aquos Whiteboard.

Introducing the Sharp MX-624ON and MX-7040N Multifunction Printer

stack of paper

Are your high-volume printing requirements causing your team to rethink outsourcing? A Sharp multifunction printer can deliver high-speed color document reproduction wherever professional results are mission-critical. Read on to discover how the Sharp MX-624ON and MX-7040N Multifunction Printer can bring unmatched performance to your organization.

San Diego Small Business Advice: Print Management Strategy

San Diego Small Business

Communication is the core of business. Everything we learn, share, and explain is built like a tower upon the basis of strong and effective communication. In today's world, we can text, email, call, and instant message, as well as fax and use pigeon messengers like we did in the "old days" in order to efficiently correspond with team members and customers alike. But despite the prowess of modern communication, the method we still rely on most heavily is printing. We print out our notes. We print out documents to be signed.

San Diego Business Systems Spotlight: Document Shredder

San Diego Business Systems

Quick: take a look around you right now, wherever you may be, and see what kinds of papers are near you. Is there a notepad, filled with ten percent scrawled handwriting and ninety percent doodles and sketches? Is there a stack of paperwork waiting to be filled out, signed, sent off, or copied? Is there a file cabinet holding close all of the personal information that both you and your clients rely on for security and strong service? No matter what kind of paper is around you right now, you can bet that it's covered in important information--and protecting that information is a priority.

A Digital Workflow

San Diego Corporate Office Equipment

We like to do a lot to take care of our companies. We watch over them like new parents, worrying about ever tiny bump or bruise, spending all of our waking hours--and even some of our sleeping hours--thinking of new ways to take care of them. Our care might be well-placed, but the truth is that it is not always necessary. We have to watch over our companies, yes, make sure they are healthy and happy--but as a business grows, so too will its ability to function without that same "new parent" sort of care.

Secrets to the Perfect Home Office

MFP San Diego

In today's world, the home takes on many roles. Although houses were once little more than shelter, a place to return once a full day of living was complete, modern homes are so much more than that. We have barbecues, parties, even weddings in our own backyards. We can earn a diploma or degree from home by taking online classes. We can even communicate with the entirety of the outside world right from our desks, thanks to the Internet. Today's houses are more than just homes--they're schools, restaurants, movie theaters, event hosts, and, sometimes, even offices.