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How Certified Technicians Can Save the Day

copier and printer certified technicians

When you need office equipment service, you need it now. It's not something that can wait because projects immediately get backed up when something goes down.

When Do You Call Copier and Printer Certified Technicians?

At CopyLink, we have high service standards. However, sometimes people wait to call a technician or think their problem isn't important enough.

For some businesses, past issues with other vendors and technicians have been frustrating, so they don't know what to expect.

5 Considerations for Investing in an Interactive Classroom

Aquos whiteboard

How can you engage students in your classroom more? Presentation boards are a favorite answer. While a great idea, it can be confusing to research whiteboards, so we lined out a few considerations for your purchase.

The Changing World of Education

Interactive tools like the Aquos whiteboard are excellent new tools for hands-on education. It can transform your classroom but ensure that you purchase a presentation tool with a vision for how it fits into your teaching style.

How Your Sharp Multifunction Printer Does More

business people

Most office workers today remember the days of black and white copying and faxing. It seemed high tech then, but we had no idea what was coming!

Now, your multifunction printer can do more than you might even know.

With that in mind, we listed off a few fantastic benefits of today's multifunction printers just in case you didn't know what your machine was capable of, or, if you still have an ancient device, it's probably time to upgrade!

Managed Print: The Cost-Cutting Answer

cutting cost

Cutting costs and finding efficiencies often has negative connotations in the workplace. You don't want to go the challenging route and reduce wages, trim positions, or impact quality control.

Luckily, there are surprisingly easy ways to lower expenses without impacting employee morale. Based on savings, we recommend considering managed print services first.

4 Simple Fixes for Higher Quality Copies

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High-quality documents are an essential part of any brand strategy. It might seem okay to let some "small" aspects of the workplace slide in quality a bit if you're focusing on costs, but letting print and copy quality go can make your entire brand look bad.

There are simple fixes to keep output at a high level without adding significant expenses.

Improve Consistency

First of all, consistency is key. If some marketing materials look good and then an internal communication looks scratchy, there is still the message that the company isn't important.

Professional Displays: The New Presentation Tool

Aquos whiteboard

We don't live in a PowerPoint world anymore. While still an excellent tool for some meetings, today's office, classroom, and brainstorming session require more dynamic, interactive visuals.

What is a professional display?

Media displays range from digital signs to an Aquos whiteboard - an interactive board used in education and offices everywhere.

Instead of static information and hard copies, professional displays add engaging highlights and moving data to keep audiences involved.

How the Right Multifunction Printer Can Help any Industry

Sharp, multifunction printer

Not sure if your industry can use today's multifunction printer? Or maybe you know it's time for an upgrade but don't know about available features?

Before diving into any custom printer or multifunction machine, be sure your investment is correct - you want to put money into the features you need that benefit your business and make you competitive in your industry.

4 Reasons You Can't Afford Not to Have Managed Print Services

managed print services

Did you know that almost 30% of print costs can be lowered by following an operational print plan or policy?

Print requirements are one way to help change wasteful printing practices in your company. Managed print offers requirements specific to your organization to consolidate supplies and service, fix poor printing habits, and streamline your fleet.

When Do You Need a Certified Technician?

copier and printer certified technicians

If you were focused on not skimping when purchasing a high-quality copier or printer, you'd want to operate with the same standards for service and technicians.

There are critical office needs you can manage with the right tech team, most notably critical security issues and other retrieval and disposal concerns.

Copier and Printer Certified Technicians

Before selecting an office equipment provider, ensure that the company has a time-tested and trustworthy service plan.

The #1 Technology Upgrade for Education

Aquos whiteboard, education

Education needs tech advancements consistently to keep up with new teaching styles and engage students whose learning style may change as well.

Just like with any office team meeting, adding an Aquos whiteboard to your classroom or collaboration center can make a big difference in how students hear and absorb information.

Go Paperless

Presentation boards take away the awkward writing on large paper boards and make meetings and classes more interesting, so they involve the audience.