Managed print services are one of the best ways to outsource office operations to save time and money. You may already know this, but there are more benefits in the details of managed print than you may be aware of.

Managed print means that your supply ordering, print budgets, oversight, and service is all organized into an easy system managed by professionals.

How does this impact your business? It means your administrative team and tech experts can spend less time ordering toner and troubleshooting the printer and more time focused on productive work for your company.

What is a Print Audit?

One of the best aspects of print management is that it also includes a print audit.

A print audit is a big picture review of your printing that evaluates what is being printed, and where most of your print budget is going.

We broke down the meaning for you below, so the benefits of this service will be clear.

Print Audit Info:

  • Who – who is printing the most at your office? Is it necessary for work, or is it personal?
  • What – what are your teams printing? Can it be digital instead to cut costs?
  • When – when do employees need to print, and when can they use other cheaper options?
  • Where – to which devices do employees print, and where do they use the most materials?
  • Why – why are employees printing? Is it to share information, to view things differently, or just to read a document closer? Understanding the why behind printing is the best place to start.

Keep Your Print Budget in Line

With Copylink’s managed print services, it’s easy to stay on task and budget. Time to get what you need for managed print by talking to CopylinkContact us now.