It’s no secret that school districts operate within stringent budgetary guidelines. One way to free up funds for educational goals is to partner with a Managed Print Services provider. Here’s how your district can meet your print-related technology needs and free up some much-needed educational funds at the same time.

Managed Print Services for School Districts

Print-related issues can cause frustration and unexpected costs for your school district. Here’s how Managed Print Services can address these and other issues caused by an unmanaged print infrastructure.

1. Fleet consistency.

An entire fleet of dissimilar devices can drive up costs and cause roadblocks to productivity. Managed Print Services experts can analyze your fleet and make recommendations to bring greater consistency to your entire print environment. Redundant devices and those with a high TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) will be eliminated to lower costs and improve print-related workflows. Centralized multifunction printers can replace expensive-to-operate desktop units for a lower overall cost of operation.

2. Budget predictability.

Supply overages. Unexpected service calls. Replacement parts. Managed Print Services brings all print-related costs under one provider and one low cost-per-page. With no more unpleasant surprises, your school district will enjoy greater budget flexibility and consistency to better plan for the future.

3. Less print-related waste.

Unclaimed print jobs and unnecessary printing can punch holes in even the most carefully planned-out school district budget. Managed Print Services providers conduct ongoing assessments and deliver performance data to keep tabs on your print volumes. When waste becomes a problem, they can provide solutions to bring print volumes and the associated costs back in line.

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