Are you trying to decide between a projector and an Aquos interactive whiteboard for your classroom? Both are popular choices in the education sector, but there are significant technological and practical differences between the two systems.

Which System is Right for You?

While a classroom projector system supports traditional video-based instruction, a Sharp Aquos whiteboard allows for real-time interaction between students and teachers.

Consider the following questions to help decide whether a classroom projector or an Aquos interactive whiteboard is the best choice for your students’ needs and learning styles.

What is your typical classroom size?

The hands-on nature and size of the Sharp Aquos whiteboard make it the better choice for a traditional classroom or student lecture hall. If your classes and presentations usually take place in an auditorium or oversized classroom setting, a projector is probably the better option. You won’t achieve the interactive experience offered by the Sharp Aquos whiteboard, but large lecture halls typically don’t support interactive, hands-on learning in any case.

What is your teaching style?

In the field of education, teaching and learning styles often go hand-in-hand, and a typical elementary school classroom will look much different than a college-level classroom. Even so, a Sharp Aquos interactive whiteboard can make learning more exciting for any age group.

Whether your classroom is comprised of visual, auditory, or kinetic learners, an Aquos whiteboard gives education a boost by teaching to each learning style.

Touchscreens and touch-pen software allow students and instructors draw and make notes directly on the Aquos whiteboard screen. Teachers can also save files for later review and students can print out saved notes for study purposes.

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