Interactive whiteboards are the new business technology to finally take over Powerpoint presentations and give your next meeting an engaging, visual boost.

Starting with an Aquos Whiteboard is a good way to involve employees and clients in discussions instead of just watching and forgetting critical business information. You can encourage innovation, brainstorming, and collaboration just by changing the way you present and discuss information.

What is an Aquos Whiteboard

An Aquos Whiteboard is an interactive whiteboard with a touch screen and highly responsive touch pens that allow multiple people to use the board at the same time.

You can mount the board, move it from room to room, and connect it with other boards. Also, you can expect 4k Ultra-HD touchscreen with palm cancellation and a distinctive writing experience similar to writing on paper.

Envision Productivity in Meetings, Education, and Brainstorming

Your office communications will be transformed by using interactive, digital technology. You will support more ideas, more innovation, and more involvement with an Aquos Whiteboard.

Productivity is shown to increase when employees are engaged in the development process, which is one of the best benefits of the product. Other ways to use the technology include:

  • Employee education – providing answers and fostering discussion
  • Training events – capture information clearly
  • Project development – save and use the ideas, sketches, and other info from the board
  • Collaboration – teams can write and draw together to compete, train, brainstorm, or play

Envision Your Office with Aquos

Your Aquos Whiteboard will make the major difference in engagement, interaction, and employee productivity. You can even boost morale with more innovative programs at work. Ready to see what your office can do? Contact CopyLink.