Remember when offices didn’t have computers? Okay, that was a while ago, but many of us remember when offices had fax machines, printers, computers, and personal copiers and printers.

While it may not seem as long ago, efficiency for office productions has made leaps and bounds toward more productive workplaces since then. Time to get on board!

multifunction printer is an ideal way to move beyond an office plagued by wandering between machines and traveling back and forth to scan or print.

Invest in the Best

If you need more convincing, here are six ways a multifunction printer makes life easier, and a Sharp multifunction printer is the top of the line device.

1. All in One Operations

This is the big one for the process – one machine, in one place, to cover all your needs. Could it get more simple?

2. All in One Location

A high note of the above benefit is that you don’t have to walk back and forth between different departments and devices and waste even more time. One trip completes everything.

3. Save Time and Space

Time spent walking around your whole office can be used in focused attention on your projects. And space can be used for more desks, open workspace, or meeting areas. You’ll be surprised what you have!

4. Be More Productive

Without excessive travel, waste, and trips to the printer, you’ll find that you can stay focused for longer and get more done. Win!

5. Go Green

Prevent waste by completing everything you need in one machine. Personal printers waste excessive paper and printing one-sided at your desk is a sad situation. Time to go green and go to all in one.

6. Big Money Savings.

Saved the best for last – save money on devices, service, repair, supplies, and employee time. Add that up, and you’ll see a big difference in your bottom line.

Multifunction Printer for Your Busy Office

You know a multifunction printer is the best way to go. Every office today needs equipment that can multitask, just like employees. We’re on the go and need the best – time to look into your next Sharp multifunction printer. The experts at Copy Link can help you get set up. Contact us today!