There are only a few things that can change your whole business functionality and office workflow, but investing in a multifunction printer is one of them.

Multifunction printers simplify office automations in one place, where you can print, copy, scan, email, and fax. It’s the answer to many problems – like storage, tight budgets, and wasted resources – because it consolidates office devices, saves money on multiple machines and repairs, and cuts back on wasted paper and supplies.

As you select your multifunction printer, you will want to know for sure that you purchase the most appropriate device for your specific business. Here, we’ll review factors to consider in selecting a multifunction printer for your workplace.

Evaluate Your Needs

Your exact needs may vary based on industry, office size, workflow, and employee work methods.

Ensure you have a few critical regulatory boundaries set up: a realistic budget, and your standard practices. Then, you can be confident that you are getting exactly what you need without overpaying or overbuying.

When reviewing what you are looking for, it’s essential to do an audit of your current printing practices in addition to any ways that you see significant changes in the future with a new machine.

The exact criteria you evaluate may be specific to your business, but here is a place to start.


  • Printing capacity
  • Efficiency
  • Additional features
  • Overall cost
  • Service and repairs
  • Space available

Time for a Sharp Multifunction Printer?

At Copy Link, we can connect you to the machine that meets the priorities that you determine for your office. We’ll identify what makes sense and is cost-effective.

A multifunction printer will benefit your business in the big picture sense, as it will increase office productivity and employee satisfaction while boosting overall production.

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