With office devices, sometimes it seems acceptable to take the easy route. For example, you might hire the local service repair person even if you’re not exactly sure about their qualifications or let an employee troubleshoot the printer.

Is this really the route to making the most of your investment? Probably not.

You should consider copier and printer certified technicians in any situation, but especially if you have seen some issues.

Get Professional Help If:

1. You keep calling back

Making quite a few contacts without hearing back? Calling repeatedly for service? These are red flags that you are not getting the attention you deserve to fix your office equipment.

2. You never see anyone working on the machine

They say they came to fix the machine, but you’ve never seen anyone making an effort? Eventually, you would notice the repairman coming or going. This is a situation to take note of.

3. There hasn’t been the same person building a relationship

Do you always talk to a different representative or see a different repair person? The best service agreements mean that you will get to know your technicians and contacts and build a solid relationship with them, which is what the team does at Copy Link.

4. The copier has a different problem every day

The repair team fixed the toner but now it’s the paper tray. Then it’s the color printing, then the touch screen. Get in touch with a support crew that proactively checks for other issues so you’re not constantly managing a down machine.

5. The repair person doesn’t have the right training

Unless you are working with copier and printer certified technicians, you can’t be sure that the service people know how to diagnose and fix an issue. The training and certification is always worth it to get the best response and action.

Copier and Printer Certified Technicians to the Rescue

Talk to certified technicians from a reliable source like Copy Link to make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for with service.