How can you engage students in your classroom more? Presentation boards are a favorite answer. While a great idea, it can be confusing to research whiteboards, so we lined out a few considerations for your purchase.

The Changing World of Education

Interactive tools like the Aquos whiteboard are excellent new tools for hands-on education. It can transform your classroom but ensure that you purchase a presentation tool with a vision for how it fits into your teaching style.

We’ve collected some other tips for researching interactive tools.

Invest Wisely

Before purchasing, line out your purpose for the board, so that you can plan and strategize your use with intention. Also, knowing your vision can ensure you select features you want on your whiteboard.

Understand Use

Of course, you understand the basics, but take a few minutes to go over actually working with the board and how it presents with the vendor to have an idea of what it will be like in action.

Touch Screen Capabilities

Is a touch screen important to you? How many students can the board accommodate? Is it user-friendly and intuitive? These are all essential questions to answer before you buy.


Training opportunities can take a presentation board from being a helpful tool to a fully integrated classroom investment. Take the extra time – it’s not that much! – to attend a training to access every feature and benefit of your Aquos whiteboard tool.


Does the presentation board you are considering address accessibility for all students? This may include language/hearing issues, visual impairment, and other issues that can be addressed by using technology to increase accessibility.

Next Steps

To learn more about an Aquos whiteboard, talk with us at CopyLink. We understand it’s a big investment for your classroom, and we want you to get it right.