First of all, let’s talk about cybersecurity. Nearly half of all cyber attacks are focused on small businesses because security seems like a luxury for larger corporations.

That’s exactly the type of vulnerability the attackers want. By thinking you’re off the radar, you become a target.

What to do? Easy – secure your office, starting with your print environment and then your network. By partnering with good vendors for trusted security measures and taking simple steps, you can prevent a devastating business hack.

1. Invest in Security

Security can take many forms. It can be through managed print, which can show who printed what, printer passwords, security for IT and printer technicians, or overall network security. Don’t get closed in by thinking that security only means computer passwords – it’s much broader than that.

2. Data Encryption

Data that travels from printer to computer is at risk and can be intercepted. Cut this risk by encrypting your data during transmissions – so that information is safe when moving between device and printer, storage, or cloud location. Encrypted data is protected because even if intercepted, it’s useless.

3. Secure Your Network

Network security can be mastered through a proactive review process, checking in with your tech team for updates, upgrades, and new software needs. By securing channels regularly and being tuned in with your IT needs and status, you’ll save time and stress later from a potential attack.

4. Risk-Free Maintenance

By choosing the right copier and printer certified technicians, you can really decide on the security team that you want to work with. Do they understand the network and device security? Are they respectful of your protections and able to enhance them? This team can make a world of difference, and trust is the key issue in choosing partners.

Secure Print is a Secure Office

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