Managed print services can really line out your budget. Just like any budgeting process, sometimes you have to take a hard look at what you’re spending on, where the money comes from, and how much it adds up to.

With print, this can be an eye opening evaluation. You had no idea you were spending so much on print, right? Time to invest in managed print services.

Get Your Budget in Order in 2019

In order to get your print budget lined out and where you want it, managed print services is the next step.

Managed print services will complete a print audit, evaluate print practices and policies, and then oversee supply ordering, service requests, and monthly budget to keep everything on track. Here’s how managed print can boost your business:

1. First of all – research the issues

Understanding what problems you face is critical to finding the best solution. So, it’s time to figure it out. Are people printing too many personal items? Over printing in general? Printing emails? Using print internally when digital will suffice? Once you know, you can address the issue.

2. Cut back on print overuse

If people in the office are, as mentioned above, over printing, it’s time to address it. Set up a few print policies and some oversight to stop this wasteful practice quickly and easily.

3. Reduce supply and toner orders

Instead of ordering willy-nilly and losing supplies, over-ordering, or being unable to use them, managed print services keeps ordering at a useable level where you’ll always have what you need but not too much.

4. Set and keep a regular budget

Don’t let your budget run away from you! Print management will set and keep your print pricing.

Seems Too Easy?

Managed Print Services are easier than you think. Set it and forget it – finally – while keeping your budget in line. Why not try it this year? See how much you can save – get in touch with CopyLink.