Did you know that almost 30% of print costs can be lowered by following an operational print plan or policy?

Print requirements are one way to help change wasteful printing practices in your company. Managed print offers requirements specific to your organization to consolidate supplies and service, fix poor printing habits, and streamline your fleet.

Back Up: What is Managed Print?

Managed print services include using advanced tracking systems to measure and understand printing costs. Detailed breakdowns of data make this information helpful by showing use by an individual, department, or company-wide.

Armed with this information, your company can overhaul printing habits with effective cost control and equipment updates.

Managed print is a low cost-per-page option that orders supplies and service for your print fleet while managing strategy and audits.

1. Security

Security must be an essential consideration. With managed print, you can provide a login password to print, encrypt device hard drives, and prevent documents from being left on machines.

2. Sustainability

Sustainability is good for PR, but it’s good for your company too. Saving resources, reusing resources, and recycling toner cartridges and other items saves money in the long run.

3. Efficiency

For increased efficiency, print management is your go-to. Don’t waste time ordering supplies, managing service contracts, or figuring out how to manage your print fleet – let the dedicated professionals do the tedious work.

4. Savings

The savings are pretty obvious, and one of the biggest benefits of managed print services. You’ll save all the extra cash you used to spend on excess supplies, repeated service, and wasted materials.

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