You can see it clearly: you’re sitting in a lengthy meeting in the afternoon, and you’re ready to crash. It’s fine – necessary, even, – but you can’t stay connected to the material. It’s okay; we’ve all been there.

Aquos Whiteboards have interactive, engaging displays for a reason – not just to stay awake but to make your materials and presentation pop. You want the edge of Aquos so people will listen and remember what you had to say.

Digital Messaging

We love digital messaging and whiteboards, but if you’re not yet on board, follow along with our top four favorite reasons that interactive displays are the meeting of the future.

1. Touch Screen Speed

This is fast! You don’t have to click, click the wrong thing, and click again. With a whiteboard, not only is your next page up, but you’re drawing on it and circling important data in real time.

2. Screen Size

Big enough to see across the room, compact enough to move, the digital whiteboard is a versatile tool that you can move between departments as you need.

3. Multipurpose Operations

From education to leadership presentations, brainstorming sessions to data analysis, the Aquos Whiteboard can flex for your needs and can reach your audience where they are.

4. High-Quality Visuals

A final, essential perk. Five times brighter than plasma, your Aquos Whiteboard will have vivid color and energy efficient LED lighting and advanced photo technology.

Time for Your Aquos Whiteboard

Copy Link has been making presentations better with Aquos Whiteboards for years. Get the screen size and capability that you need by getting in touch with the folks at Copy Link today.